Casper is your turn-key solution for any business needing to create custom content. Regardless of the vertical, every business needs to create and share their stories. Casper Studio is a unique content management system that enables you to create optimal content (cost, efficiency and productivity) without the hassle of technology.  

Some key features of Casper Studio:

  • A software-as-a service (SaaS) platform. Ongoing development.
  • Cloud based
  • Highest levels of security and performance (SLA)
  • Scalable to millions of visitors and pageviews
  • Support multiple type of content (articles, SEO, albums, videos and many others)
  • Integration with social media
  • Integration with event calendars
  • Breaking News Ticker
  • eCommerce plugin integration
  • Out of the box Search Engine Optimization
  • Multi-lingual language support
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Supports custom features such as Press Release integration
  • Admin and role support
  • Custom development to meet specific requirements  

Casper Studio supports multiple clients powering over 12 million monthly unique users, over 30 million monthly visitors and over 80 million monthly pageviews. The following portals are designed, developed and hosted on Casper Studio: